New Honeywell switches reduce risk of explosions in white goods, hazardous environments

New Micro Switch series receives explosion-proof rating from independent industry certification organization Honeywell has announced a new Micro SwitchTM series designed for use in household appliances and other hazardous locations where flammable gasses may be present. The V15W2 Basic Switch is an explosion-proof-rated, snap-action, electromechanically sealed switch designed for applications such as commercial appliances, valves […]

SCHMERSAL release SHygiene-compliant magnetic safety switches

Especially for the food machinery constructors among industrial customer, SHMERSAL  has developed a new magnetic switch, which can be optimally integrated in the surrounding construction due to its compact design. The stainless steel enclosure of the BNS 40S is resistant to corrosion and cleaning liquids. The sealing is designed with protection class IP 69K, […]

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