FCC approves world’s first 15W wireless charging solution for laptops featuring lithium ion battery with embedded receiver

ector 5 ( has received its 2nd FCC approval for innovative wireless charging solutions. This latest milestone is for a 15W wireless charging receiver that is embedded into the cavity of a lithium ion battery, for use in laptops and other mobile devices. Sector 5 has filed a patent surrounding this technology and will be […]

Ametherm unveils NTC thermistors for Li-ion batteries and green energy applications

Ametherm ( launched NTC thermistor solutions for Li-ion batteries and green energy applications, including its PANR 103395-342 probe assembly with ring lug for high-accuracy temperature compensation and measurement and its MM35-DIN Series and MS35 Series of inrush current limiters for reliable high-power circuit protection. “Whether they’re being used for energy storage in solar plants or […]

RELiON Battery solves problem of charging freezing weather

RELiON (, a specialist manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4), introduced a new technology that solves the problem of charging in freezing weather, while also making lithium batteries safer and more practical for low-temperature use. The new RB100-LT (a 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery) is the first model in their new Low-Temperature Series line of […]

Optical Connections for Battery Management

Gigabit Ethernet POF by KDPOF Meets Requirements for Galvanic Isolation in Vehicles leading supplier for automotive gigabit connectivity over POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) – now provide their plastic optical fiber connections for battery management systems (BMS) in vehicles. “Electric and hybrid power trains present different voltage domains with large level differences, such as the ECU […]

Delta Electronics at HANNOVER MESSE

Delta, a leader in power and thermal management solutions, will exhibit, at Hannover Messe 2016, an enhanced spectrum of automation and energy management solutions with leading energy efficiency for smart factories, green buildings, renewable energy systems, EV charging networks and more. Delta’s smart integrated factory solution will feature “customer-centric” logistics management, real-time monitoring and management […]

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