Ideal Power delivers initial B-TRAN devices to diversified technologies under NAVSEA program

Ideal Power pioneering the development and commercialization of the highly efficient and broadly patented B-TRAN™ bidirectional power switch delivered initial Bidirectional, Bipolar Junction Transistor (B-TRAN™) devices to Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI) under the contract awarded to DTI by the United States Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to develop and demonstrate a B-TRAN™ enabled high efficiency 12kV medium voltage direct […]

UnitedSiC extends highest performance, most efficient 750V SiC FET portfolio for power designs

Qorvo announced seven 750V silicon carbide (SiC) FETs in the surface mount D2PAK-7L package. With this package option, Qorvo’s SiC FETs are tailored for the rapidly growing applications of onboard chargers, soft-switched DC/DC converters, battery charging (fast DC and industrial) and IT/server power supplies. They deliver an optimal solution for high-power applications that require maximum efficiency, low conduction […]

HEAD acoustics NVH Simulator User Group Meeting will be held on November 24 in Herzogenrath 

HEAD acoustics NVH Simulator User Group Meeting will be held on November 24 in Herzogenrath. Following immediately on the 13th Aachen Acoustics Colloquium (AAC), HEAD acoustics hosts the exclusive User Group Meeting on the PreSense NVH Simulator, the interactive tool for virtual engineering and prototyping. On November 24, 2022, participants have the opportunity to share their […]

USound’s ultra-compact audio module enhances performance of hearables, enabling flexible designs 

USound, the leading provider of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) loudspeakers for hearables and wearables, released an audio module designed to enhance the performance of TWS and OTC hearing aids. The module design uses physical frequency crossover technology, with finished parts of acoustic design including sound chamber and pipes. This module is a ready-to-use solution for hearing […]

Imagimob launches free forever plan for its tinyML platform

Imagimob launched free forever plan for its tinyML platform. The new release of the Imagimob tinyML platform includes a forever free plan that will enable anyone to start developing tinyML applications. It also includes improvements on the AutoML function for deep learning anomaly detection using autoencoders. The new release will further improve the Imagimob platform, […]

Xfuse enters AI vision market with Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology

Xfuse, a specialist developer of customizable imaging and video technology, entered the race to develop the next generation of artificial intelligence vision technologies. The Xfuse proprietary high-performance Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology supports multiple different sensor types simultaneously to fuse data-rich HDR video in real-time with minimal latency. These location aware data streaming technologies from […]

Tritium provides 300 more 50kW variants of RTM fast charger for EVCS’s network buildout

Tritium DCFC, a specialist in direct current (“DC”) fast chargers for electric vehicles (“EVs”), is partnering with EVCS, one of the largest EV fast-charging network operators on the West Coast, to deploy 300 new chargers across California, Oregon, and Washington. The order consists of 300 50kW Tritium RTM fast chargers, making the total Tritium DC fast […]

[Hot] Electro-thermal black box model

Romeo Power, an energy technology leader delivering advanced electrification solutions for complex commercial vehicle applications, has announced the availability of its MATLAB Simulink-based Electro-Thermal Black Box (ETBB) Model for OEM customers. Romeo Power’s Chief Technology Officer AK Srouji, Ph.D., said the ETBB is a proprietary simulation tool that allows the Company’s OEM customers to predict […]

ETSI adopts of MIPI I3C Basic into ETSI Smart Secure Platform

The MIPI Alliance, an international organization that develops interface specifications for mobile and mobile-influenced industries, and ETSI Technical Committee Secure Element Technologies (TC SET) announced the adoption of the I3C Interface for SSP (TS 103 818) specification, allowing the MIPI I3C Basicspecification to serve as a physical and logical link layer for the ETSI Smart Secure Platform (SSP). The I3C Interface for […]


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