TriLumina releases world’s first ‘LED Killer’ device for mobile 3D sensing

TriLumina (, a specialist developer of flip-chip VCSEL(vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) technology for 3D sensing, launched the world’s first surface-mount flip-chip back-emitting VCSEL array without the need for a submount or bond wires, which allows for lower costs and higher performance than existing designs using near-infrared light-emitting laser diodes or LEDs for 3D sensing. Conventional VCSEL […]

ElectroCraft’s MobilePower features powerful compact wheel drives

ElectroCraft (, a specialistl fractional horsepower motor and motion solutions provider, has expanded their MobilePower™ traction system offer with the MPW52 and MPW86. The MobilePower™ Wheel-Drive (MPW) features a high torque-density brushless DC motor with an integrated single-stage planetary gearbox and wheel drive assembly. ‘The MPW is an application-specific extension to the ElectroCraft MobilePower™ gearmotor […]

Richardson RFPD announces new SCALE-iDriver SiC-MOSFET gate driver from Power Integrations

Richardson RFPD ( announced the availability and full design support capabilities for a new gate driver integrated circuit from Power Integrations, Inc. The SIC1182K SCALE-iDriver™ is a high-reliability, single-channel silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET gate driver that delivers the industry-leading peak-output gate current without an external boost stage. The new device is available in an eSOP-R16B […]

TowerJazz expands its high voltage low RDSON power platform

TowerJazz ( announced the release of its leading edge 140V low Rdson power platform, providing significant high power efficiency at high voltages. This advanced offering expands the Company’s 90V technology platform, specifically designed to address the increasing demand for cost-competitive, higher voltage integrated power management solutions for the consumer, industrial, computer, and automotive markets. “We […]

Indium Corporation to Feature AuSn Solder Preforms at HiTEN 2019

Indium Corporation ( will feature its high-reliability precision AuSn Solder Preforms at the International Conference and Exhibition on High-Temperature Electronics Network (HiTEN), July 8-10, Oxford, United Kingdom. Indium Corporation’s high-temperature AuSn preforms have the highest tensile strength of any solder, ensuring high-reliability for joining and sealing. The semiconductor-grade AuSn preforms are designed to meet industry challenges […]

Samtec showcases latest 32GT/s interconnect solutions at PCI-SIG Developers Conference 2019

Samtec (, a specialist manufacturer of interconnect solutions, will showcase and demonstrate their latest high-performance interconnect and technologies at the PCI-SIG® Developers Conference 2019. Flexible Power MicroSamtec high-speed technologies for Silicon-to-Silicon optimization will be on display, including new high-speed, high-bandwidth optical, board-to-board and cable-to-board interconnects. 56 Gbps PAM4 and 32 GT/s product demonstrations and technical […]

Richardson RFPD Announces Availability of Skived Fin Heat Sinks from Wakefield-Vette

Richardson RFPD ( announced the availability and full design support capabilities for a portfolio of skived fin heat sinks from Wakefield-Vette. These standard copper and aluminum skived fin heat sinks offer an alternative to extruded heat sinks for applications that require a thin fin density that cannot be achieved with extrusion technology. Skived heat sinks […]


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