Credo unveils 800Gbps and 400Gbps optical DSPs for hyperscale data center and AI applicationsessors with integrated drivers

Credo unveils 800Gbps and 400Gbps optical DSPs for hyperscale data center and AI applicationsessors with integrated drivers

Credo Technology Group unveiled its new Dove 800 Digital Signal Processor family of products. The products are targeted at rapidly growing Hyperscale Data Center and AI applications and enable customers to meet increasingly stringent power and bandwidth requirements.

“Continuous increase in data traffic, driven by applications such as AI and AR/VR, is fueling the demand for optical modules with increased thruput and switch ASICs with 100Gbps serial interface,” said Vlad Kozlov from LightCounting Market Research.

“In fact, we have increased our forecast for 800G transceivers reflecting higher level of investments planned by Meta. Credo’s high-performance 400Gbps and 800Gbps DSPs are critical to enabling this next generation infrastructure, while providing the power and price required for rapid market deployment and volume ramp up.”

“Credo is delivering a comprehensive solution with the Dove 800 family – its low-power, high-performance design, combined with integrated drivers and bias-T components, will enable customers to simplify PCB design, improve yields and reduce module costs,” said Scott Feller, Vice President of Marketing at Credo. “The Dove 800 family supports low-cost, quick implementation required to support the hyperscale and AI applications driving the demand for high-density switching systems.”

The Dove 800 family includes 800Gbps Dove 800/801/802 for OSFP and QSFP-DD800, and 400Gbps Dove 410/401/401 for QSFP112 optical transceivers. These new PAM4 DSPs come with integrated EML, TFLN and silicon photonics modulator drivers and offer industry leading performance and low-power dissipation.

Dove 800 Family Features and Technical Benefits

  • 100G PAM4 on both the electrical host and optical line side.
  • Powerful DSPs on optical line side and electrical host side deliver industry leading sensitivity and BER performance, allowing margin for optical alignment and crosstalk.
  • Line side receivers include non-linear cancellation and reflection cancellation to improve yields, while reducing module cost.
  • High-performance transmitters come with multi-tap FIR filters and non-linear cancellation, allowing precision optimization at both the module electrical connector and optical interface.
  • Host side interface supports up to 30dB insertion loss channel, connecting seamlessly with different length switch interfaces without the need for customized per-channel settings.
  • The family comes with EML, TFLN and Silicon Photonics drivers and bias-T but allows use with external laser or modulator driver support to provide customers with maximum flexibility.
  • Independent phase locked loops per channel support flexible breakout configurations including 2x400G, 4x200G and 8x100G.
  • Full suite of test features and loopbacks simplifies lab bring up and production testing to reduce time-to-market.
  • On-chip crossbar simplifies module layout design.
  • Low-power dissipation enables higher rack utilization and lower thermal cooling requirements.

All Credo product offerings are supported by evaluation boards, simulation models, characterization reports, reliability reports, design libraries and a complete set of supporting documentations.

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