Broadcom drives gigabit broadband with industry’s highest port density processor

Broadcom ( announced the production release of the BCM65550, a 212 MHz system-level vector processor, enabling gigabit broadband services to be delivered to high-density residential areas. Telecom operators can now deploy fiber to these locations and leverage the existing installed copper lines for the final gigabit speed connection.

Deploying fiber all the way to a customer premise is often costly and challenging to execute, with expensive cable pulls and complex rights of way. avoids these issues by providing fiber-equivalent speeds over legacy copper wiring. Existing solutions address lower density installations, but with the BCM65550, operators can now support up to 192 lines of vectored 212MHz for high density residential sites.

The BCM65550 builds upon Broadcom’s market-proven modem and embedded vectoring solution, the BCM65400, now supporting production deployments across the globe. Vectoring, or crosstalk cancellation, requires extensive compute resources, and the BCM65550 delivers this without compromise. Crosstalk is cancelled across all lines with extreme resolution, achieving nearly identical performance to ideal, crosstalk-free environments.

“As demand for gigabit speeds rises, it is crucial that operators address this requirement by moving fibre closer to the customer, but there can be a significant challenge here in regard to costs and logistics especially in high-density MDU markets,” said Robin Mersh, CEO of Broadband Forum.

“Broadcom’s latest system-level vectoring solution is an effective way for operators to deploy and deliver gigabit broadband services for those MDU markets. Broadcom is building on its existing portfolio, with its chipset used in three different Broadband Forum Certified DPU devices, highlighting the importance of interoperability in mass-market deployments.”

“Until now, high-density deployments lacked a no-compromise system-level vectoring solution,” said Greg Fischer, senior vice president and general manager of the Broadband Carrier Access Products Division at Broadcom. “The BCM65550 fills this gap and enables the use of existing infrastructure without modification.”

BCM65550 Key Features

– Crosstalk cancellation solutions for up to 192 twisted-pair copper ports
– Hybrid Vectoring to support parallel operation of and VDSL on a single device
– Proxy Vectoring to offer seamless support for new cards introduced into a legacy VDSL system

Hordon Kim,

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