Argus Cyber Security and Marvell jointly protect automotive ethernet networks against cyber attacks

Argus Cyber Security (, a specialist in automotive cyber security announced that its Argus IDPS Ethernet solution will be integrated into Marvell’s ( highly secure 88Q5050 automotive Ethernet switch. The integration of the Argus solution will provide Marvell’s 8-port Ethernet gigabit capacity switch with an enhanced level of security.

The solution empowers OEMs to deploy advanced Ethernet capabilities with the ability to prevent and respond to cyber-attacks in the vehicle. In addition, the solution works with Argus Lifespan Protection to provide OEMs and fleet managers with situational awareness, the ability to detect emerging attacks with cross-fleet big-data analysis, and the power to prevent attacks before they create damage with over-the-air (OTA) security updates.

“Marvell is dedicated to providing the automotive industry with Ethernet networks that meet the high bandwidth demands of advanced in-vehicle applications, while protecting the safety of drivers. This commitment requires multi-layered cyber security protection,” said Tim Lau, Sr. Director of Automotive Networking Products at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. “Argus’ Ethernet IDPS solution helps ensure that the in-vehicle network is protected against malicious attacks, keeping drivers connected and protected.”

Marvell’s Automotive networking products are enabling multiple domains of the car, including infotainment, the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), body electronics and control, to be connected with a high bandwidth, standards-based data backbone. However, the introduction of Ethernet technologies into vehicle networks, fueled by the growing demand for high bandwidth by advanced applications, is increasing cybersecurity challenges and risks to the automotive industry. Argus offers a solution to this problem through their Ethernet IDPS solution. The integration of Argus’ Ethernet IPDS into the Marvell 88Q5050 switch allows for continued innovation with enhanced cyber security.

“Partnering with Marvell to provide OEMs with multi-layered, comprehensive cyber security for Ethernet networks will help ensure that the industry can meet the demands of advanced applications without increasing their exposure to cyber-attacks,” said Yoram Berholtz, Senior Director, Business Development at Argus Cyber Security. “Argus is dedicated to protecting the connected vehicle ecosystem throughout its lifespan and significantly reducing cyber security risks for the automotive industry.”

Argus Ethernet IDPS is a cyber security protection layer for automotive Ethernet networks. This enhanced cyber security protection layer monitors networks for malicious activity, detects attacks and prevents them from affecting the vehicle. The solution reports detected intrusions, even when blocked, to Argus Lifespan Protection, to provide actionable insights into the cyber health of the fleet.

by Hordon Kim

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