New powered DMX decoder simplifies hardware for DMX-lighting applications

Environmental Lights (, a specialist in LED lighting solutions, announced the launch of the PowerPro 6 Channel DMX Decoder.

The PowerPro 6 Channel DMX Decoder is a self-contained DMX decoder and power supply. It simplifies the hardware needed for DMX-lighting applications by enclosing both power supply and decoder functions within a single housing. It has an integrated 6 channel DMX decoder, which accommodates up to 6 output channels of LED lighting with 6 amps per channel. It utilizes a convenient analog numerical display that lets users set DMX addresses while powered off, without the hassle of DIP switches.

The PowerPro is ideal for film and television studios because in addition to being simple to setup, it virtually eliminates flicker on studio video equipment by providing switchable PWM frequency options of 5 or 22.5kHz

“We continually work with our scenic customers in order to better understand their needs and develop products that make their lighting projects better,” said CEO Jamison Day. President of Jordan Brooks added, “Our customers are excited about the PowerPro because it saves them time on installation by simplifying the hardware needed for a DMX application.”

For larger installations, up to three PowerPro units can be daisy-chained together using the PowerCon AC connectors. DMX connection options include two 5-pin XLR In/Out ports and two RJ45 In/Out ports. Available LED outputs include a locking connector for pre-wired LED strip and screwless terminal block.

The PowerPro comes in both 12V and 24V options with the 12 VDC power supply rated for up to 190 Watts and the 24 VDC power supply rated for up to 240 Watts.

The PowerPro 6 Channel DMX Decoder will be available in mid-December exclusively on or by calling 888-880-1880.

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