Lighthouse Systems Shopfloor-Online MES Helps Major Plastics Company Standardize on a Data Collection Solution [icnweb]

Lighthouse Systems, a leading provider of MES software, announced that a major plastics manufacturing organization has implemented Shopfloor-Online™ to improve quality, identify trends and provide greater visibility to quality check data across their operations.

The objectives of the project are to standardize on one solution across the plants, maintain online process control by monitoring quality parameters on real-time basis and providing critical summary overview for Supervisors and Managers.

The primary requirements for the project are to provide a standard reporting method across all of the plants, manage the quality checks to be performed within the facilities, manage the frequency of the checks, monitor the percent completeness of the required checks, interface to measurement gages and lab instruments used to perform the checks, general alarm management for specification and control limit violations and variable and attribute SPC analysis.

The Shopfloor-Online solution
Shopfloor-Online will be deployed at every machine where data collection is required. People are notified on an exception basis should violations occur. Raw material inventory is logged as it is being consumed on the line. Data is collected against the various lots for traceability purposes.

Future Objectives
Now that Shopfloor-Online is installed and operational, the future plans are to implement additional Lighthouse modules beginning with Downtime and OEE and looking to Preventative Maintenance. Having a single solution for data collection, analysis and reporting will allow for faster access to critical data for decision making purposes.

About Lighthouse Systems
Lighthouse Systems is one of the world’s leading developers of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) with offices in London, Singapore, Australia and Rochester, NY. Lighthouse Systems Shopfloor-Online is web based modular software that provides real time visibility of the entire manufacturing operations environment. Applications include Maintenance Management, Concern Management, Quality, SPC, Downtime, OEE, Spoilage and Inventory Traceability. Shopfloor-Online is being used in a wide range of industries with some of the biggest manufacturing companies; it is deployed in 15 languages in 28 countries.

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