R. STAHL release compact zone 1 pneumatic module for remote I/O system

Designed as a plug-in module and thus requiring little installation space, R. STAHL’s  www.r-stahl.com  new DOMV pneumatic module for the IS1 remote I/O system is a considerably more compact solution than conventional additional valve islands.


R. STAHL release compact zone 1 pneumatic module for remote I/O system

The module, which is snapped onto the BusRail, is supplied via the IS1 system. Furthermore, it is directly connected to the remote I/O system’s internal data and address bus. Thanks to this complete integration, no additional efforts are required for wiring, configuration and monitoring of the DOMV via IS1. This digital output module shares the user-friendly features of the IS1 system, e.g. the units are suitable for hot swapping in hazardous areas.

Eight pneumatic control circuits can be connected to the DOMV via 6 mm plug connections. Suitable media are pressurised air or neutral gases; a 5 µm filter is recommended. The module can be operated at 2.5 … 7 bar. The internal 3/2-way solenoid valves are electronically controlled and monitored for wire breakages – even if a pilot valve is unpressurised. The valves reach up to approx. 1,000 switching cycles per minute (cpm).

The safety position in case of communication errors can be freely configured: options are “On”, “Off” and maintaining the current operating state. A “Plant Stop” function that completely switches off all outputs is additionally available. The DOMV module is intrinsically safe with “Ex ib” explosion protection. It is suitable for installation in zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas.


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