Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches the ARL SMS-2500 to Deliver Faster Process Control in the Iron and Steel Industry Thermo Scientific – Scientific Instruments

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, has announced a new and powerful addition to its range of automated optical emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers. In today’s competitive environment, process control laboratories are often required to balance high productivity and throughput with stringent quality control regulations.

In response, the Thermo Scientific ARL SMS-2500 provides an integrated, workflow-oriented automation approach that enables users to easily switch from sample to chemical analysis while ensuring ultimate analytical performance. The ARL SMS-2500™ automation solution provides increased sample turnaround through a tighter integration of sample preparation with the use of a larger, stronger and faster robot.

With an installed base of nearly 500 robotized spectrometers, Thermo Fisher has established a high standard of excellence in the most demanding metals industry environments. At the heart of the system, the intelligent Thermo Scientific SMS software drives a medium-size industrial robot from FANUC, the leading supplier of industrial robots worldwide. The high-speed robot stands on a compact chassis linked to the ARL metals analyzer or XRF spectrometer, which simplifies installation because no specific laboratory fittings are required. The ARL SMS-2500 requires minimum floor space for the complete system, short distances between the various components ensure fast operation without compromising accessibility for service and maintenance.

With a direct robot access to the milling machine for the preparation of samples and standards, processing time is reduced and expensive electromechanical sample transfer systems are eliminated. In addition, a choice of different milling machines allows customers to select the best solution depending on their preferences, needs and budgets, including the newly launched Haas Mini Mill with ARL PrepControl™.

The ARL SMS-2500 uses highly reliable and proven components to ensure increased system uptime, including vision system, sample labeling, radioactivity measurement and fixed magazine for standards. The FANUC robot has an arm length of 902 mm with a gripper and six moving axes. It is designed to handle heavy loads of up to five kilograms in industrial environments with unparalleled precision.

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