Safety Network International e.V. welcomes five new members

Safety Network International e.V. welcomes five new members

The user organisation welcomes the applications of five new companies for membership in the open forum for safety and automation.

With the Italian companies, NUM SpA and Conductix Wampfler, two new members have applied, who both manufacture automation components. Conductix-Wampfler is one of the world‘s leading specialists of systems for energy and data transfer for mobile equipment. NUM SpA is a provider of high-end CNC solutions.
Both companies are looking toward supporting the safe real-time Ethernet System SafetyNET p in future with their own products.

The three Japanese companies, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Tokyo Automatic Machinery Works and Toppan Printing Co. are also new to the organisation. In future they will be supporting the distribution of the system SafetyNET p in the Japanese market.

The organistion is open to all manufacturers, users and integrators from the field of safety and automation.

Since the introduction of the first safe field bus system SafetyBUS p into the market in1999, safety engineering applications in compliance with the machinery directive are possible by means of a software based communication system. SafetyNET p is the result of the consistent further development of SafetyBUS p and features far greater performance and function.

The open forum for Safety and Automation.

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