Samsung Announces Windsor Wind Turbine Plant

Samsung C&T Corporation and the Ontario government announced plans last Wednesday to open a wind turbine factory in Windsor, Ont., and create 300 manufacturing jobs along with 400 indirect construction and service jobs.

Provincial government sources told CBC News they are “delighted” for the region, which has the highest unemployment rate in Canada. Another 400 construction and service jobs are expected from the green energy investment.

Sources say Windsor was chosen because of the automotive design and manufacturing skills of workers in the region, in addition to easy road, rail and shipping access to other parts of the province and the United States.

Windsor will be one of four sites in Ontario where the South Korean company will set up operations. The new plant will build giant wind turbines with blades up to 65 metres long.

It remains to be seen whether the company will build a new factory or use an existing vacant facility. Sources say several existing facilities are on the list, including the former GM transmission plant.

Earlier this year, Samsung signed a $7.5-billion energy deal with the province in exchange for incentives to triple Ontario’s renewable wind and solar energy generation. The company agreed to open four manufacturing plants by 2015 and create 16,000 direct and indirect jobs in green energy.

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