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R. STAHL release compact zone 1 pneumatic module for remote I/O system

Designed as a plug-in module and thus requiring little installation space, R. STAHL’s  new DOMV pneumatic module for the IS1 remote I/O system is a considerably more compact solution than conventional additional valve islands. The module, which is snapped onto the BusRail, is supplied via the IS1 system. Furthermore, it is directly connected to […]

PHOENIX CONTACT release RJ45 Plug Connectors for PROFINET

:- Quick Connection Technology for Profinet The new RJ 45 plug connectors with Quickon fast connection technology for Profinet from Phoenix Contact allow four AWG22 wires to be quickly and reliably connected. The PNO Guideline specifies AWG22 wires to configure Profinet topologies. Assembly using the insulation displacement technique requires no tools. The wires are simply inserted into the flap, cut […]

COGNEX announce IMAGE-based barcode reader designed

Cognex Corporation has announced the revolutionary new DataMan® 500 image-based barcode reader. DataMan 500 is designed to achieve higher read rates, offer improved on-line visualization and have higher reliability than laser scanners currently in use in the logistics, postal and retail distribution markets. Using Cognex IDMax® superior code reading software, DataMan 500 achieves higher […]

SCHMERSAL release SHygiene-compliant magnetic safety switches

Especially for the food machinery constructors among industrial customer, SHMERSAL  has developed a new magnetic switch, which can be optimally integrated in the surrounding construction due to its compact design. The stainless steel enclosure of the BNS 40S is resistant to corrosion and cleaning liquids. The sealing is designed with protection class IP 69K, […]

Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches the ARL SMS-2500 to Deliver Faster Process Control in the Iron and Steel Industry Thermo Scientific – Scientific Instruments

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, has announced a new and powerful addition to its range of automated optical emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers. In today’s competitive environment, process control laboratories are often required to balance high productivity and throughput with stringent quality control regulations. In response, the Thermo Scientific […]

PROFIBUS PA Profile V3.02 has passed the field test

Following conclusion of the specification work for PROFIBUS PA Profile V3.02, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) commissioned the Competence Center of BIS Prozesstechnik in Frankfurt to carry out application-relevant field tests. The objective of tests was to check the new functionality in Profile V3.02 for its practicability based on already available implementations in field devices and host systems. […]

Transition Networks Brings Industrial Ethernet Onboard Offshore Vessels, Ships and Refineries

Transition Networks Inc. has announced the expansion of its vast industrial portfolio with the introduction of a new GL-Certified Industrial Managed switch. The addition of a GL-certified fully managed industrial Ethernet switch enables customers to safely and reliably deploy Ethernet LANs onboard offshore vessels. Trusted by governments and private industry world-wide, the certification by the […]

Alpha Micro Components signs Advantech agreement

Alpha Micro Components (, the independent franchised distributor of electronic components, has announced that it has signed a new Industrial Communication (iCom) agreement with Advantech, the global leader in Industrial Computing Platforms and eAutomation solutions. This agreement will see Alpha Micro focus on Advantech’s range of market leading industrial wireless and industrial Ethernet switches. The […]

Fieldbus Foundation Releases DesignMATE™ Segment Design Tool

Free tool simplifies planning, validation and documentation of Foundation H1 segments The Fieldbus Foundation has announced the release of DesignMATE a complete software tool for planning, validation and documentation of Foundation fieldbus H1 segments. User-friendly DesignMATE automatically audits segment layouts for conformance with the Foundation physical layer specification, which is based on the international IEC 61158-2 […]

Good chance of Korea Industrial Ethernet Conference

First Korea Industrial Ethernet Conference was a great success. The first Korea Industrial Ethernet Conference took place on October 21st, 2010, in Seoul. Approximately 140 participants followed the invitation by the Industrial Communication & Networking magazine(ICN). Many well-renowned Korean companies such as Kia Motors, Samsung, LG, and POSCO were represented. A number of lectures addressed […]

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