[new] Cost brake with speed monitoring – the new Safety Basic Monitor

With the freely configurable Safety Basic Monitor from Bihl+Wiedemann you can not only realize your small safety application simply and cost-effectively, but now there is one more reason to take advantage of this cost brake: a speed monitoring function has been added to the integrated standstill monitor. Now you can monitor safe speeds and safe standstills for up to 2 axes. And all at a configurable frequency of up to 4 kHz.


Fig.: Up to 2 axes can be monitored simultaneously with the integrated speed monitor in the Safety Basic Monitor BWU2700.


The new Safety Basic Monitor in detail

Built-in standstill and speed monitor functions:

Frequency selectable up to 4 kHz



For up to 2 axes, each 2-channel



2 (4) safe electronic outputs onboard



8 / 4 safety inputs (floating contacts or OSSDs), optional as 8 standard inputs and 8 status outputs



22.5 mm installation width



LEDs for on-site diagnostics



Chip card for easy device replacement



1 AS-i Master + 1 Safety Monitor









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