CC-Link Slave available now on netTAP 100 Gateway

Hilscher consolidates the position of the netTAP 100 gateway in the asian market with the release of the CC-Link Slave protocol. Conversions to PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, SERCOS III, POWERLINK, Ethernet/IP, CANopen und DeviceNet are available.

Whether it is slave-to-slave or master-to-slave conversion, the protocols are loadable to the gateway any possible combination. Read on for more details in the product section netTAP on the gateway pages NT 100-RE-CC, NT 100-DP-CC, NT 100-CO-CC oder NT 100-DN-CC.

netTAP100, Protocol Converter, gateway

CC-Link Slave available now on netTAP 100 Gateway

Industrial plants today, from the office level to the sensor/actuator level are controlled by the most varied communication networks. We are far removed from the reality of the vertical integration of a unified network that extends over all levels The requirements of data supply and data speed are too different. The result: Over the course of time numerous protocols have established themselves in the individual segments. Also the data transfer in a plant, in their heterogeneous quantity, over protocol borders are unavoidable and pave the way for the netTAP protocol converter.

The spectrum of industrial communication technologies is very widereaching. They range from the traditional fieldbus systems to new technologies that are based on Ethernet. The Ethernet systems are not purely based on traditional technology used in office automation, they have Real-Time extensions, bus based architecture while still offering worldwide access via the internet. These technologies use special gateways, PC boards and ASICs with the associated operating system drivers, OPC Servers and configurators.


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