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AS-i 3.0 Motor Module in IP67 for Interroll and Itoh Denki motors

With the AS-i 3.0 Motor Module with IP67 (BW2478) protection you can independently control up to two motorized rollers. This device from Bihl+Wiedemann is always the right choice, whether you are using rollers from Itoh Denki (Series 50XP) or Interroll (EC200 or EC300). Use the module for varying the speed and for setting the start/stop, rotation direction as well as ramps for the roller(s). And the highlight: the unit also provides 24V power for the connected roller(s).

The AS-i 3.0 Motor Module for Interroll and Itoh Denki motors (BW2478)


  • Signal transmission and the 24V supply for the motor are both carried over a single M12 cable.
  • 4 inputs for sensors available
  • 2 Slaves in one enclosure:
    • 1 Single Slave with 2 analog outputs 0…10V
    • 1 AB-Slave with 4 binary inputs and 4 binary outputs
  • The Motor Modules can be used to connect a large number of motors to an AS-i circuit:
    • Up to 40 motors when all parameters (including speed) are set via AS-i
    • An even larger number when the speed is preset using the rotary switch on the Module

    Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH, founded in 1992 by Jochen Bihl and Bernhard Wiedemann, is a highly specialized, internationally operating engineering company based in Mannheim, Germany.


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